Thursday, December 24, 2009

Spirits of those gone at Christmas

I miss some family and friends so much this time of year- Many others do as well- I wrote a poem that made me cherish instead of mourn. Hope you enjoy and Merry Christmas to all, Diana-

Dedicated to Alan, Grandma, Uncle Vic, J.D. and soo many more:

Oh, how I remember,
those past Decembers,
Like the warming embers
of cozy firelight.

The games we would play,
the feel of the day
And your special way,
that made it all right.

With food over flowing
and the tree softly glowing,
The unspoken knowing,
from friendships above.

The presents we shared,
the way that you cared,
Made each one aware,
of Holidays love.

And we miss you this year,
but still feel you near.
Celebrating with cheer,
I romp in the snow.

With choruses of Noel,
Surprisingly I can tell,
Your spirit does well,
to uplift my soul.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Seasons Spirit

I have heard the rantings of Christian's who complain Christ is missing from Christmas- Where'd he go ? He's still the focus of mine. And the Christmas celebration on December 25th has always been his birthday to me and my family and will always remain so. No business or policy can take him from us.But then lets get real-

 I work in a very disversified office- We have a Jewish young man- a Muslim and some I am not sure have a belief system- But getting to discuss this with them helped all of us I think- I learned so much and I even got to share more of the Christ story when I was asked, "So then, what exactly is Easter?" - Great time for dialogue. With that after the conversation, I was inspired to do even more research the following poem is the result of this: Also look up more on these- its fasinating!  Holidays- I did Nov. through new year! I know there are more too...

  Seasons Spirit 
The times they are a changin' for country and neighborhood.
Let's strive to see each other and, to help be understood.
With Thanksgiving starts a season, that's a fitting way to be.
For each of us choose to create beliefs and history. 

Christ is in my Christmas, as well as in my heart.
And with hope and in that spirit, I pause here to impart.
Release the smug injustice, just try and take a while,
Listen to other stories, learn the lessons, share a smile.

The miracles of Hanukkah, when lamps near empty lay,
The menorah celebrates the time it burned for eight more days
A childs game, the Driedel comes from Jewish days of old.
Hiding devout from danger distracting twirls the past unfolds.

Kwanzaa we must not forget, though religious it is not
With groups of sevens it entails much wisdom to be taught.
The principles and symbols celebrated in this time
Should be practiced by everyone in spite of culture binds!

Winter Solstice is celebrated, in so many varied ways,
From as far back as we began to stare at stars ablaze.
Reminding all as seasons change and each year comes to end,
To warmly celebrate when gathering with family and friends.

No matter what you may believe, or how you choose to live.
It's not about what you might take, but what your heart can give!
So whatever be your reason, that you celebrate this year,
May you find my Greeting, of your Holiday, sincere!

If I caused you to wonder, at anything you did find,
Cherish each and every person, in this Season, so sublime.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nov 2nd Dads Birthday visit

Well We finally got to go down and see Dad and Ginny!- Got some pictures and had a relaxing calm vacation- Even with taking the doggies! they didn't make a mess or anything- the first night Pami was a bit excited and had some trouble breathing!- Needs to loose some wieght like her mama!

We took a day trip to go and look at the Extreme Home makeover house that was built down by Willard, Missouri. Sure looks different when its not on TV!

 We had a lovely trip and Dad got to play with his new GPS.
We also stopped at an old mill and bridge.

We were back home on Tueday night and to work on Wed. But we are looking forward to returning in December before Christmas.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

More From Chicago

There were so many pictures from our latest vacation so here are more... The Buckingam fountain- Sky lines- and the tallest building ever completed by a female architech- looked like waves the way the balconies were on each floor-loved it!- We did make a side trip to Super Dawg- and ate Chicago hotdogs. No big Woop... but good.

And I can't find the pictures of fireworks we saw at the Pier (probably on Pattis phone!)
I guess this country girlreally  likes the city life. So much to do! We will go back!

Hi from Chi town!

Well its about time I updated this with Chicago trip details.
We finally got to go on a vacation just the two of us without it being a tag along for Patti's job!- We had been to Chicago with friends before but this time It was all about us! We deciced to do things we had always wanted to and the week just flew by!

 Arriving the first day we werwe so pleased with our hotel The Sheraton So close to everything and fancy shmasy!We walked to the Millineum park and stopped at the cultural center- WOW! There is the largest ever tiffany dome inside!

Then we Walked to the Navy Pier the first night and took a boat cruise.
The Tribune building was only a block away and I loved finding landmarks from all over and a Missouri (Injun Joes Cave!) rock. Patti found a Panama one too. And there was even a piece of the Twin Towers from 911.this area was fantastic the art- the architecture and the peopleall along this stretch of the magnificent mile- was a fun eveninng stroll.

 So on the second day we did some excersise!- We went on what was supposed to be a 7-8 mile Bicycle tour. We saw the city like no tourists usually do- some great insights and the traffic was even nice. I was frightened at first riding on the street but in Chicago they actually give bikes the right of way! and the group ranged from an older retired couple to a young twenties couple with a toddler. The church we stopped t St. Michaels (I THINK) was awsome. and we got some great pictures there. Also some of my favorites taken this trip were of both of us by the tour guide EVAN - We rarely get both of us in a picture.

I was a little kid again- (like when am I not?) and got to ride the Ferris wheel at the Navy Pier and go to American Girl Doll store!

Patti loved the bus tour to China town- downtown and  the Art Institute- Shes such  a grown up - haha.

All in all we left wanting to return soon- I wonder what the holidays are like in CHi Town?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Been busy!

So, I have been lax in my blogging- sorry folks, for anyone who's reading. We have had an eventful year so far! Traveling thus far to SanDiego- Las Vegas- and now Chicago! Will post pics soon- we took so many I have to weed through a lot!

The latest news Patti- rode in the Aids Bicycle challenge this year Sat the 12th along with over 300 others and raised twice what they did last year! She was also co-chair for the 33 mile leg. It is heartwarming that in this economy people are willing to help charities.

We both have started walking with a group from the INDEPENDENCE team, at least once a week more when possible.
This is a fantastic website (FREE) for anyone who wants to be healthier. They have a wonderful support system with easy to navigate pages. Also its like a facebook atmosphere you get a page- blogs etc. the fun thing is the game aspect where you even recieve points for interating with others, spinning the wheel, and reading informative articles. I have met so many new people. For someone who works nights its a wonderful way to have people involved again in my life!-haha

So far I have lost 3 pounds... I plan to get down to 150- or less is my goal.

Anyway- I have discovered, facebook and sparkspeople, mafia wars, and walking and am having a great time, will try and post more often- Hi KATIE!- luv, Diana

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Vacation June 2009

Well Bette was amazing!- as was Vegas! We sat in the 14 row center from the front was like she was right in our living room- Could see her face and the dancers muscles! Fantastic-

Now Vegas... That place is just huge!- They have taken all the best stuff in the world and put it all on one street!- Our friends who went with us wanted to go to the Liberace Museum- I am glad we did- I kept thinking of how Dad would have loved all those pianos- and the cars too! And Mom would love all the details and costumes.

Then we walked at least ten miles every day!- We went to Ceasars Shops One night scoped out where the concert was at the Colloseum. Went to the Bette gift shop and saw some statues and lots of ceasery things in the hotel and casino.

The next day we weht through the Paris area... and The Venitian(Italy) who had the fancies bathrooms... Then stopped by Treasure Island! and walked the strip back to the Belagio where we were staying. I had to dip in the pool to calm my feet down and had a lovely dinner at the buffet.

The last day we went from Eygpt(the luxor) - Very modren insode but the pyramid shaped hotel was awsome!- England (The Excaliber) where we did not have enough time to take in the dinner show of jousting and meat eating till you bust!...good thing! Thento New York (The NewYork-NewYork hotel)where Mikey and Patti rode the roller coaster, and back to Paris to go up the Eifle Tower!

The Hotel BELAGIO!-WOW- The art the (GLASS) The plants in the(Conservatory) thats fancy for garden guys! and the people were nice too! Even our regular rooms felt like we were royalty!The nice part was the last night we stayed up untill midnight watching the fountains and music show every 15 minutes!- We took way too many pictures.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Going to see Bette!

Patti and i are going with friends to see bette Milder in Las Vegas We willbe there from Monday -Thursday- and have my Son house and animal sitting!- Whoo Hooo- I want to take lots of pictures - The Eifle Tower- Ceasars etc... Keep posted!- Di

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Balboa PARK!

There was so much to see here- But I almost missed the trolly back to my hotel- so only stayed 1 hour. When I return- I plan on it- not IF but when- I want to go to the Japanese Friendship Garden, and some of the museums- there are tons - If you go on Tuesdays- some are free, it changes ever week. Great architecture and scenery- and the plants!- Oh... my!

I never promised a rose garden- but WOW loved this close up!

Friday, May 1, 2009

If I could talk to the Animals...

Here are more photos from the Zoo at SanDeigo - enjoy!

Still not too good with the layout of these YET!!! -

But I'm learning!

The tram ride was WAY scary and high but great views and worth the not walking back to the begining- This Zoo is steep and not at all wheelchair friendly for those who plan to go!

Was very HOT the day we went. This Zoo is part of the largest Park in the USA, even larger than Central Park of NewYork. Next posting will be about BALBOA PARK.

LAter!- Di

It never rains...

In southern California...

But it sure pours here in Missouri! We left when it was just finishing raining- Came back to raining again!- And my grass is so high I am loosing the dogs in it!

We had so much fun in San Deigo wih Rob(that name still sounds funny to me) and Katie. The Zoo, Dinners and Sailing what a trip!-I wish I could have spoiled both brothers with that day on the bay!-

There is so much more- I took over 600 photo's!

I also will be reviewing the hotel and some places I visited while there for trip advisors site! So will be posting more soon- I'm ready to return!

San Deigo TRIP

Well I love the new camera- Wish I knew what i was doing- Mostly I just point and click!- Here is a sunset we saw while eating at Nicks on south beach in San Deigo.

Here is Patti and Katie- on the escalator in the ZOO!- I clocked over 5 miles that day.

This fine specimen is a type of eagle- sort of like an owl- I know Katie has the real info- I should have followed her lead and took pictures of the signs too!- Shes so smart.

This was my favorite- a baby Giraff born only a week or so before we arrived!

Hope to post more when i get comfortable with this format... If anyone sees this I'll be surprized-Di

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Well I figered I could keep in touch this way- seems a bit harder than I first thought!- I guess I have to have someone who cares follow this- Well We shall see if anyone does!- Diny

Friday, April 10, 2009

OK Katie its your fault!

I saw my brother the old one- joined too- maybe we all can keep in touch this way- A shame really since we are not even far apart- geograghically- but the 3 of us never seem to be able to get together much- I love having a medium to chat- and leave messages- Hazel!- hows the scrapbooking?- Katie Can't wait to see you all in 2 weeks- Wayne- been riding your bike to work?-

love you all and will be in touch 1 way or another!- Diny