Tuesday, January 11, 2011

MY review!

The economics of our nation made me dread the yearly process. I had been like so many, barely scraping by from paycheck to paycheck. I had resolved that at least having a paycheck I should just suck it up and be grateful.

When I heard the words no one is getting more than ## percent raise my heart sunk. Then my manager threw on something unexpected. (Except you). He actuall surprised my supervisor who hadn't expected it either. The manager went above the managment team and HR to get my raise approved. HE mentioned knowing that I had people in NEW YORK and he didn't want to lose me.

I feel so blessed what a way to start the year!- To celebrate I may even go get my hair done!

It Didn't Feel Like Christmas

This year I learned a lot- Christmas was rough but as with all things God works for the good. Here is a poem written about that day this year. Dedicated to my family whom I take all too much for granted!- Di

It didn't feel like Christmas
I was alone again this year
I had to work and felt a jerk
Cuz I once held this day so dear

The snow may have freshly fallen
strangers gave greetings with a smile
yet I was full of resentment with all my
bills and my love across the miles.

Stressed and worried I muttered my "Merries"
back to those whose glimmer of hope
was dashed as I hastily grumbled
going on my way, just trying to cope.

But my nephew knew my secret.
He'd been away and alone before
doing the service of his country
in Iraq was a nasty chore.

This year he brought me a present;
not the treats, (though they were good).
His newborn son and girlfriend
reminded me - I know I should...

be grateful for my family
my job and all I had;
how he was so very thoughtful
and blessed to be a dad.

I didn't have a tree up, was rushed
and cupboards were bare,
yet that little family visit
let me know that God was there.

We visited for only moments
before they finally had to go
but because of that man's sweet spirit
it's now Christmas in my soul.