Wednesday, June 9, 2010

yard work beginings

June- doings

Dad And Ginny came up for Keiths ordination- I didn't expect to see them since I had to work. SURPRISE
They stayed in town and wanted to take me to breakfast. Then after breakfast we hit the yard. Filled in the pond, pulled ivy off the house and weeded the fence line- They stayed over night and then we did a little more in the morning before the rain started- I hope to finish this project later this month as it looks like rain all week!
here are some pics of the action!

I hope they know how much the help was appreciated and how special it was to get dirty with them!

WHen I get this done I will post more! If the rain stops! Hopefully I can get it done before family reunionon the 30th!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Well here is PAtti in Central Park- We wa;led over ten miles that day and only saw a smart of the city! There is another park two blocks to the west of PAtti's place called Riverside- which is totally awsome this is a fantastic place to ride bicycles. I hope to do that next time I visit and by that time patti will know most of the kewl trails and best picnic spots!
Here is one of the few pictures of us together... We are at the Sea air and space museum on the aircraft carrier INTREPID. That was reallly fun it was fleet week and we saw the Iwogima dock. A kind greman lady helped us take this one.

We walked a ton- which is normal for here.. five miles today  and 10 yesterday, Looks like rain tonight. hae two more days... May post more touristy stuff when I get home.

HERE WE have PAtti in her apartment. Note the Welcome sign. Hope all feel that way when they enter here. Felt like home to me!

Monday, May 17, 2010

alone again- unaturally

So the house is fiercly quiet.Not because there is not sound but because you are gone. The stereo is playing peacful music and I am playing with the idea of a nice hot bubble bath. I can do anything. No one else to consider. At times this is frightening.

One can only facebook for so long before the farming and cooking and status updates become mundane.

Weight watchers tonight and Mom tomorrow I am wondering what else life has to offer? Is anyone out there?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Hillbilly hell

Pattiis going for a 2nd interview with a promising new job.I am trying to be very supportive-but..It'sin New York!!! For this hilbilly its a bit scary-I am not talking upstate new york = but manhatten!

The killer will be that she may end up there and me still in Independence, Mo. for a few years!

I really wish everything that should happen will- We have been praying about it and so far she is looking at this with much excitment and anxious anticipation. If she goes I will of course try and help with arrangments and all that will have to happen.

I really have been made aware of how much I depend on her. Working nights I don'tget to see many people and most of the time she is my world. Without her here I am afraid I will be alone even more- but if this is where she needs to be I will encourage and support her.
'She will be gone Thursday and Friday for the training interview- and if all goes well She will need to be in NY in MAY.

will keep you all posted- Di