Tuesday, January 11, 2011

MY review!

The economics of our nation made me dread the yearly process. I had been like so many, barely scraping by from paycheck to paycheck. I had resolved that at least having a paycheck I should just suck it up and be grateful.

When I heard the words no one is getting more than ## percent raise my heart sunk. Then my manager threw on something unexpected. (Except you). He actuall surprised my supervisor who hadn't expected it either. The manager went above the managment team and HR to get my raise approved. HE mentioned knowing that I had people in NEW YORK and he didn't want to lose me.

I feel so blessed what a way to start the year!- To celebrate I may even go get my hair done!

It Didn't Feel Like Christmas

This year I learned a lot- Christmas was rough but as with all things God works for the good. Here is a poem written about that day this year. Dedicated to my family whom I take all too much for granted!- Di

It didn't feel like Christmas
I was alone again this year
I had to work and felt a jerk
Cuz I once held this day so dear

The snow may have freshly fallen
strangers gave greetings with a smile
yet I was full of resentment with all my
bills and my love across the miles.

Stressed and worried I muttered my "Merries"
back to those whose glimmer of hope
was dashed as I hastily grumbled
going on my way, just trying to cope.

But my nephew knew my secret.
He'd been away and alone before
doing the service of his country
in Iraq was a nasty chore.

This year he brought me a present;
not the treats, (though they were good).
His newborn son and girlfriend
reminded me - I know I should...

be grateful for my family
my job and all I had;
how he was so very thoughtful
and blessed to be a dad.

I didn't have a tree up, was rushed
and cupboards were bare,
yet that little family visit
let me know that God was there.

We visited for only moments
before they finally had to go
but because of that man's sweet spirit
it's now Christmas in my soul.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

yard work beginings

June- doings

Dad And Ginny came up for Keiths ordination- I didn't expect to see them since I had to work. SURPRISE
They stayed in town and wanted to take me to breakfast. Then after breakfast we hit the yard. Filled in the pond, pulled ivy off the house and weeded the fence line- They stayed over night and then we did a little more in the morning before the rain started- I hope to finish this project later this month as it looks like rain all week!
here are some pics of the action!

I hope they know how much the help was appreciated and how special it was to get dirty with them!

WHen I get this done I will post more! If the rain stops! Hopefully I can get it done before family reunionon the 30th!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Well here is PAtti in Central Park- We wa;led over ten miles that day and only saw a smart of the city! There is another park two blocks to the west of PAtti's place called Riverside- which is totally awsome this is a fantastic place to ride bicycles. I hope to do that next time I visit and by that time patti will know most of the kewl trails and best picnic spots!
Here is one of the few pictures of us together... We are at the Sea air and space museum on the aircraft carrier INTREPID. That was reallly fun it was fleet week and we saw the Iwogima dock. A kind greman lady helped us take this one.

We walked a ton- which is normal for here.. five miles today  and 10 yesterday, Looks like rain tonight. hae two more days... May post more touristy stuff when I get home.

HERE WE have PAtti in her apartment. Note the Welcome sign. Hope all feel that way when they enter here. Felt like home to me!

Monday, May 17, 2010

alone again- unaturally

So the house is fiercly quiet.Not because there is not sound but because you are gone. The stereo is playing peacful music and I am playing with the idea of a nice hot bubble bath. I can do anything. No one else to consider. At times this is frightening.

One can only facebook for so long before the farming and cooking and status updates become mundane.

Weight watchers tonight and Mom tomorrow I am wondering what else life has to offer? Is anyone out there?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Hillbilly hell

Pattiis going for a 2nd interview with a promising new job.I am trying to be very supportive-but..It'sin New York!!! For this hilbilly its a bit scary-I am not talking upstate new york = but manhatten!

The killer will be that she may end up there and me still in Independence, Mo. for a few years!

I really wish everything that should happen will- We have been praying about it and so far she is looking at this with much excitment and anxious anticipation. If she goes I will of course try and help with arrangments and all that will have to happen.

I really have been made aware of how much I depend on her. Working nights I don'tget to see many people and most of the time she is my world. Without her here I am afraid I will be alone even more- but if this is where she needs to be I will encourage and support her.
'She will be gone Thursday and Friday for the training interview- and if all goes well She will need to be in NY in MAY.

will keep you all posted- Di

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Spirits of those gone at Christmas

I miss some family and friends so much this time of year- Many others do as well- I wrote a poem that made me cherish instead of mourn. Hope you enjoy and Merry Christmas to all, Diana-

Dedicated to Alan, Grandma, Uncle Vic, J.D. and soo many more:

Oh, how I remember,
those past Decembers,
Like the warming embers
of cozy firelight.

The games we would play,
the feel of the day
And your special way,
that made it all right.

With food over flowing
and the tree softly glowing,
The unspoken knowing,
from friendships above.

The presents we shared,
the way that you cared,
Made each one aware,
of Holidays love.

And we miss you this year,
but still feel you near.
Celebrating with cheer,
I romp in the snow.

With choruses of Noel,
Surprisingly I can tell,
Your spirit does well,
to uplift my soul.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Seasons Spirit

I have heard the rantings of Christian's who complain Christ is missing from Christmas- Where'd he go ? He's still the focus of mine. And the Christmas celebration on December 25th has always been his birthday to me and my family and will always remain so. No business or policy can take him from us.But then lets get real-

 I work in a very disversified office- We have a Jewish young man- a Muslim and some I am not sure have a belief system- But getting to discuss this with them helped all of us I think- I learned so much and I even got to share more of the Christ story when I was asked, "So then, what exactly is Easter?" - Great time for dialogue. With that after the conversation, I was inspired to do even more research the following poem is the result of this: Also look up more on these- its fasinating!  Holidays- I did Nov. through new year! I know there are more too...

  Seasons Spirit 
The times they are a changin' for country and neighborhood.
Let's strive to see each other and, to help be understood.
With Thanksgiving starts a season, that's a fitting way to be.
For each of us choose to create beliefs and history. 

Christ is in my Christmas, as well as in my heart.
And with hope and in that spirit, I pause here to impart.
Release the smug injustice, just try and take a while,
Listen to other stories, learn the lessons, share a smile.

The miracles of Hanukkah, when lamps near empty lay,
The menorah celebrates the time it burned for eight more days
A childs game, the Driedel comes from Jewish days of old.
Hiding devout from danger distracting twirls the past unfolds.

Kwanzaa we must not forget, though religious it is not
With groups of sevens it entails much wisdom to be taught.
The principles and symbols celebrated in this time
Should be practiced by everyone in spite of culture binds!

Winter Solstice is celebrated, in so many varied ways,
From as far back as we began to stare at stars ablaze.
Reminding all as seasons change and each year comes to end,
To warmly celebrate when gathering with family and friends.

No matter what you may believe, or how you choose to live.
It's not about what you might take, but what your heart can give!
So whatever be your reason, that you celebrate this year,
May you find my Greeting, of your Holiday, sincere!

If I caused you to wonder, at anything you did find,
Cherish each and every person, in this Season, so sublime.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nov 2nd Dads Birthday visit

Well We finally got to go down and see Dad and Ginny!- Got some pictures and had a relaxing calm vacation- Even with taking the doggies! they didn't make a mess or anything- the first night Pami was a bit excited and had some trouble breathing!- Needs to loose some wieght like her mama!

We took a day trip to go and look at the Extreme Home makeover house that was built down by Willard, Missouri. Sure looks different when its not on TV!

 We had a lovely trip and Dad got to play with his new GPS.
We also stopped at an old mill and bridge.

We were back home on Tueday night and to work on Wed. But we are looking forward to returning in December before Christmas.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

More From Chicago

There were so many pictures from our latest vacation so here are more... The Buckingam fountain- Sky lines- and the tallest building ever completed by a female architech- looked like waves the way the balconies were on each floor-loved it!- We did make a side trip to Super Dawg- and ate Chicago hotdogs. No big Woop... but good.

And I can't find the pictures of fireworks we saw at the Pier (probably on Pattis phone!)
I guess this country girlreally  likes the city life. So much to do! We will go back!