Saturday, June 20, 2009

Vacation June 2009

Well Bette was amazing!- as was Vegas! We sat in the 14 row center from the front was like she was right in our living room- Could see her face and the dancers muscles! Fantastic-

Now Vegas... That place is just huge!- They have taken all the best stuff in the world and put it all on one street!- Our friends who went with us wanted to go to the Liberace Museum- I am glad we did- I kept thinking of how Dad would have loved all those pianos- and the cars too! And Mom would love all the details and costumes.

Then we walked at least ten miles every day!- We went to Ceasars Shops One night scoped out where the concert was at the Colloseum. Went to the Bette gift shop and saw some statues and lots of ceasery things in the hotel and casino.

The next day we weht through the Paris area... and The Venitian(Italy) who had the fancies bathrooms... Then stopped by Treasure Island! and walked the strip back to the Belagio where we were staying. I had to dip in the pool to calm my feet down and had a lovely dinner at the buffet.

The last day we went from Eygpt(the luxor) - Very modren insode but the pyramid shaped hotel was awsome!- England (The Excaliber) where we did not have enough time to take in the dinner show of jousting and meat eating till you bust!...good thing! Thento New York (The NewYork-NewYork hotel)where Mikey and Patti rode the roller coaster, and back to Paris to go up the Eifle Tower!

The Hotel BELAGIO!-WOW- The art the (GLASS) The plants in the(Conservatory) thats fancy for garden guys! and the people were nice too! Even our regular rooms felt like we were royalty!The nice part was the last night we stayed up untill midnight watching the fountains and music show every 15 minutes!- We took way too many pictures.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Going to see Bette!

Patti and i are going with friends to see bette Milder in Las Vegas We willbe there from Monday -Thursday- and have my Son house and animal sitting!- Whoo Hooo- I want to take lots of pictures - The Eifle Tower- Ceasars etc... Keep posted!- Di