Monday, March 22, 2010

Hillbilly hell

Pattiis going for a 2nd interview with a promising new job.I am trying to be very supportive-but..It'sin New York!!! For this hilbilly its a bit scary-I am not talking upstate new york = but manhatten!

The killer will be that she may end up there and me still in Independence, Mo. for a few years!

I really wish everything that should happen will- We have been praying about it and so far she is looking at this with much excitment and anxious anticipation. If she goes I will of course try and help with arrangments and all that will have to happen.

I really have been made aware of how much I depend on her. Working nights I don'tget to see many people and most of the time she is my world. Without her here I am afraid I will be alone even more- but if this is where she needs to be I will encourage and support her.
'She will be gone Thursday and Friday for the training interview- and if all goes well She will need to be in NY in MAY.

will keep you all posted- Di