Saturday, May 2, 2009

Balboa PARK!

There was so much to see here- But I almost missed the trolly back to my hotel- so only stayed 1 hour. When I return- I plan on it- not IF but when- I want to go to the Japanese Friendship Garden, and some of the museums- there are tons - If you go on Tuesdays- some are free, it changes ever week. Great architecture and scenery- and the plants!- Oh... my!

I never promised a rose garden- but WOW loved this close up!

Friday, May 1, 2009

If I could talk to the Animals...

Here are more photos from the Zoo at SanDeigo - enjoy!

Still not too good with the layout of these YET!!! -

But I'm learning!

The tram ride was WAY scary and high but great views and worth the not walking back to the begining- This Zoo is steep and not at all wheelchair friendly for those who plan to go!

Was very HOT the day we went. This Zoo is part of the largest Park in the USA, even larger than Central Park of NewYork. Next posting will be about BALBOA PARK.

LAter!- Di

It never rains...

In southern California...

But it sure pours here in Missouri! We left when it was just finishing raining- Came back to raining again!- And my grass is so high I am loosing the dogs in it!

We had so much fun in San Deigo wih Rob(that name still sounds funny to me) and Katie. The Zoo, Dinners and Sailing what a trip!-I wish I could have spoiled both brothers with that day on the bay!-

There is so much more- I took over 600 photo's!

I also will be reviewing the hotel and some places I visited while there for trip advisors site! So will be posting more soon- I'm ready to return!

San Deigo TRIP

Well I love the new camera- Wish I knew what i was doing- Mostly I just point and click!- Here is a sunset we saw while eating at Nicks on south beach in San Deigo.

Here is Patti and Katie- on the escalator in the ZOO!- I clocked over 5 miles that day.

This fine specimen is a type of eagle- sort of like an owl- I know Katie has the real info- I should have followed her lead and took pictures of the signs too!- Shes so smart.

This was my favorite- a baby Giraff born only a week or so before we arrived!

Hope to post more when i get comfortable with this format... If anyone sees this I'll be surprized-Di