Friday, May 1, 2009

San Deigo TRIP

Well I love the new camera- Wish I knew what i was doing- Mostly I just point and click!- Here is a sunset we saw while eating at Nicks on south beach in San Deigo.

Here is Patti and Katie- on the escalator in the ZOO!- I clocked over 5 miles that day.

This fine specimen is a type of eagle- sort of like an owl- I know Katie has the real info- I should have followed her lead and took pictures of the signs too!- Shes so smart.

This was my favorite- a baby Giraff born only a week or so before we arrived!

Hope to post more when i get comfortable with this format... If anyone sees this I'll be surprized-Di

1 comment:

  1. You got a better picture of the Eagle than I did. I will send you the info that I have on him. For a new camera you did really good. (you could have left my picture out of it (SMILE)).

    Love ya', KD