Thursday, December 24, 2009

Spirits of those gone at Christmas

I miss some family and friends so much this time of year- Many others do as well- I wrote a poem that made me cherish instead of mourn. Hope you enjoy and Merry Christmas to all, Diana-

Dedicated to Alan, Grandma, Uncle Vic, J.D. and soo many more:

Oh, how I remember,
those past Decembers,
Like the warming embers
of cozy firelight.

The games we would play,
the feel of the day
And your special way,
that made it all right.

With food over flowing
and the tree softly glowing,
The unspoken knowing,
from friendships above.

The presents we shared,
the way that you cared,
Made each one aware,
of Holidays love.

And we miss you this year,
but still feel you near.
Celebrating with cheer,
I romp in the snow.

With choruses of Noel,
Surprisingly I can tell,
Your spirit does well,
to uplift my soul.

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  1. Sorry I haven't left any comments on your posts for a little while. i am trying to catch up on writting mine. My computer was having issues and I had to take it in. So I fell behind. But I want you to know I do enjoy reading your blog. You have a special way with words, and I enjoy that. I Love you Sis, Katie'