Thursday, May 27, 2010

Well here is PAtti in Central Park- We wa;led over ten miles that day and only saw a smart of the city! There is another park two blocks to the west of PAtti's place called Riverside- which is totally awsome this is a fantastic place to ride bicycles. I hope to do that next time I visit and by that time patti will know most of the kewl trails and best picnic spots!
Here is one of the few pictures of us together... We are at the Sea air and space museum on the aircraft carrier INTREPID. That was reallly fun it was fleet week and we saw the Iwogima dock. A kind greman lady helped us take this one.

We walked a ton- which is normal for here.. five miles today  and 10 yesterday, Looks like rain tonight. hae two more days... May post more touristy stuff when I get home.

HERE WE have PAtti in her apartment. Note the Welcome sign. Hope all feel that way when they enter here. Felt like home to me!

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