Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hi from Chi town!

Well its about time I updated this with Chicago trip details.
We finally got to go on a vacation just the two of us without it being a tag along for Patti's job!- We had been to Chicago with friends before but this time It was all about us! We deciced to do things we had always wanted to and the week just flew by!

 Arriving the first day we werwe so pleased with our hotel The Sheraton So close to everything and fancy shmasy!We walked to the Millineum park and stopped at the cultural center- WOW! There is the largest ever tiffany dome inside!

Then we Walked to the Navy Pier the first night and took a boat cruise.
The Tribune building was only a block away and I loved finding landmarks from all over and a Missouri (Injun Joes Cave!) rock. Patti found a Panama one too. And there was even a piece of the Twin Towers from 911.this area was fantastic the art- the architecture and the peopleall along this stretch of the magnificent mile- was a fun eveninng stroll.

 So on the second day we did some excersise!- We went on what was supposed to be a 7-8 mile Bicycle tour. We saw the city like no tourists usually do- some great insights and the traffic was even nice. I was frightened at first riding on the street but in Chicago they actually give bikes the right of way! and the group ranged from an older retired couple to a young twenties couple with a toddler. The church we stopped t St. Michaels (I THINK) was awsome. and we got some great pictures there. Also some of my favorites taken this trip were of both of us by the tour guide EVAN - We rarely get both of us in a picture.

I was a little kid again- (like when am I not?) and got to ride the Ferris wheel at the Navy Pier and go to American Girl Doll store!

Patti loved the bus tour to China town- downtown and  the Art Institute- Shes such  a grown up - haha.

All in all we left wanting to return soon- I wonder what the holidays are like in CHi Town?

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